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Entry Types
Westrac Bunbury Geographe Gift 2018


  1. I have read the conditions of entry for this event and understand the demanding physical nature of the event.  I have trained for this event and I am not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will be detrimental to my health if I participate in this event.  If I become aware of any medical condition or impairment, or am otherwise sick or injured prior to the event, I will withdraw from the event.
  2. I acknowledge that participating in this event may involve a real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including: over exertion, dehydration, and accidents with other participants, spectators or on-site equipment.  
  3. I acknowledge that it is a condition of participating in this event that I do so at my own risk.  I accept all risks and release the event organiser, its agents, affiliates, employees, members, sponsors, promotors, volunteers, and any person or body, directly or indirectly associated with the event, from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of or connected with my participation on this event and I indemnify them against all liability for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with my participation in this event.  This release continues forever and binds my heirs, successors, executors, personal representatives and assigns. 
  4. I consent to the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of my name, image, voice, statements or otherwise, before, during or after the Event whether for advertising, promotion or otherwise, without payment or compensation. 
  5. I agree that should the Event be cancelled for any reason whatsoever; my entry fees will not be refunded, and no liability of any kind whatsoever will attach to the Organisers.

Privacy Statement

By entering this event, you consent to your personal information being provided to Athletics Western Australia for the purpose of registering you as a recreational running class of member of Athletics Western Australia.

You further consent to receiving information (including via email) and Athletics Western Australia, including details of other events and special offers or promotions.

If you do not wish to become a recreational running member of Athletics Western Australia please contact Athletics WA on 08 6272 0480.